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At Harmonica Academy everyone plays

So you tried harmonica before? Other instruments? Nothing stuck. Music passed you by.

I was the same.

I started harmonica but couldn't jam with anyone. So I gave up.

Then I was shown the secrets to jamming. That night I was on stage, playing to 300 people.

I remember how much I wanted to play. I know how much you want to play. You can succeed.

My name is Tony Eyers. I made Harmonica Academy for you.

Play Great Blues Harp in 3 months

30 minutes a day for 3 months and you can sound like this:


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"it is the first time I have been learning a musical instrument for sure"
Filipe Mesquita, Portugal

Meet Tony Eyers, your host

I'm here make your musical journey a success

I'm an Australian recording artist, and an invited guest at major festivals in the USA, South East Asia and Australia.

"His playing is exceptionally concise and musical"
Randy Singer, USA

I have a PhD in IT and a Graduate Diploma in Education. I created Harmonica University, a Chinese harmonica teaching site with over 80000 members. I have more than 20 years experience designing educational programs, and created the How to Play Recorder, Tocar Armonica, Armonica and Spanish Blues sites.

Above all, I love playing harmonica. So will you.

Watch me jamming with my brother. Soon you will be having this much fun.


Harmonica Academy is a community

Everyone learns harmonica, just like you. You'll meet them at the Harmonica Academy forum

"I just want to say, even though I've only just started this journey, thank you very much!"
Josh Caldwell, USA

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  • Be learning harmonica in 5 minutes from now
  • Play great blues harp
  • Learn the secrets to playing with other musicians
  • Learn great traditional melodies
  • Make fast progress by working on areas needing improvement

"Very well organized, easy to navigate, professionally laid out"
David Naiditch, USA

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"this is a very good site for learning how to play the diatonic harmonica"
Warren Bee, USA