Harmonica Tune Tabs

This page contains many harmonica tunes, played at normal and slow speed, along with harmonica tab. The beginners tunes are to get you started, the intermediate tunes continue the journey. The advanced tunes are American and Irish traditional tunes. Experienced players will be challenged by these.

The harmonica tab for all the tunes provides a guide, however you must memorise the tunes. The musical scores and harmonica tab show you which notes to play. Learn these tunes by listening to them, and try to play without looking at the harmonica tab as soon as possible. You will sound MUCH better if you do this.

What you get:

Each tune includes:

The harmonica tab

A musical score (i.e. the dots), with chords

A midi file, playing the tune at half speed, with backing. The tune plays once, then the backing repeats for your own practice. The midi files work in a standard media player (e.g. Windows Media Player). However, a midi sequencer is better, as you can adjust the playback speed.

The tune played at full speed (by me!), with backing.

All of the beginning and intermediate tunes are played on a 10 hole diatonic harmonica in the key of C. Some of the advanced tunes use harmonicas in different keys. However, for these advanced tunes, midi files are provided in C, at half speed and full speed, for those who only have a C harmonica.

The Tune Tabs

Beginning Tunes

Intermediate Tunes

Advanced Tunes