Intermediate Tremolo Harmonica Lessons

These lessons build upon the beginner techniques, to provide a technical foundation for a lifetime of music making. Notation is combined with audio, so you learn to read music through understanding how it sounds. You learn to play music as well as reading it

These lessons cover all the tremolo notes, and show how they relate to chords, which in turn create songs. Music keys are introduced, to show why different key harmonicas are used for some songs.

The tremolo harmonica is a wonderful instrument for tunes. These intermediate lessons show you how to to play them.

The Lessons

Lesson 11 - Rhythm Notation

Lesson 12 - Tunes

Lesson 13 - Time Signatures

Lesson 14 - Planxty Irwin

Lesson 15 - More Low Notes

Lesson 16 - More High Notes

Lesson 17 - Lord Inchquin

Lesson 18 - Music Keys

Lesson 19 - Chords

Lesson 20 - Arpeggios