Free Harmonica Tabs

Here are some free harmonica tabs (tab is short for tablature, a simple method for showing which notes to play). Audio is next to each tab, so you can hear the notes while reading them. Much easier to learn this way.


First we show you how to read harmonica tabs.

Harmonica Tune Tabs for Beginners

Try harmonica tabs for Kumbaya, and Scotland the Brave.

Blues Harmonica Tabs

Harmonica Academy has a lot of blues harmonica tab in the lessons. Easier to learn, as techniques for the tabs are explained. Each tab has audio next to it

See how the combined audio and blues tabs work in these lessons.

Beginning blues solo tabs

Beginning blues turnaround tabs

Advanced blues scale tabs

More Tune Tabs

Try the harmonica tabs for Botany Bay, and Hard Times.

Advanced players - try the harmonica tabs for Big Sciota, or Soldiers Joy.

Hip Hop Tabs

Younger players relate more to Hip Hop than to blues. But harmonica still fits.

Too see how, try these harmonica tabs for Hip Hop beats.

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