Tremolo Harmonica Tune Tabs

This page has tremolo harmonica tunes, with audio and tabs.

The harmonica tab for these tremolo tunes is based on the Asian music notation. This makes the most sense, as the regular 10 hole harmonica notation is too complex for the 21 (or 24) hole tremolo instruments. The tremolo lessons explain the Asian tab system.

The tune notations provide a useful guide, however you should memorise the tunes. Learn these tunes by listening to them, and try to play without looking at the notation as soon as possible. You will sound MUCH better if you do this.

What you get:

Each tune includes:

The tremolo harmonica tab

The tune played at full speed (by me!), with backing.

The backings, without harmonica, at medium and full speed.

The tunes are played on a 21 hole tremolo harmonica in the key of C.

The Tunes

Beginning Tunes

The purpose of learning an instrument is to play music, the sooner the better. So, here is the first set of tunes. Try them once you have finished the first 10 tremolo lessons. Some may be familiar, particularly if you have learnt other instruments. Each tune has a history, as you will see. They are simple, but sound great if played well. This is why they keep turning up for beginners. Try to learn them all.


Oh Susana

Michael Row your Boat Ashore

Scotland the Brave

Whiskey in the Jar

The First Noel

The British Grenadiers

Shady Grove

Scarborough Fair

Drunken Sailor

Intermediate Tunes

Most good musicians have a wide repertoire of tunes, learnt over many years. Here is the next part of your repertoire. These tunes are slightly harder than the first set, but not by much.

Botany Bay

Wildwood Flower

Hark the Herald Angels Sing

All the Pretty Horses

Wabash Cannonball

Skye Boat Song

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

The Wild Colonial Boy

The Blackest Crow

Hard Times