Harmonica Library

This library is a growing collection of articles about the harmonica and those who play it. Browse and you will find answers to a wide range of harmonica related questions.

The articles are divided into four sections: Harmonica Technique, Harmonica Gear and Maintenance, Harmonica Performance and articles from Harmonica World magazine. Articles is this library are mostly by me, with other contributors as indicated. Some of the articles are for beginners, others for more advanced players, others are for everyone. Some of the articles are located on my Harmonicatunes site


Harmonica Technique

What are the notes on a harmonica?

Which Key Harmonica Should I Use?

Harmonica Chords - a practical guide

Harmonica Holder - A Practical Guide for using the Rack to play Harmonica and Guitar

C harmonica- why beginners usually start with a harmonica in the key of C

Harmonica Two Hole Draw Problems - It's not the Harmonica, It's You..

Harmonica Gear and Maintenance

Which Harmonica Should I Get?

Microphones and the Acoustic Harmonica - Getting a Good Stage and Studio Sound - Tom Ball

All about harmonica microphones... And then some Greg Heumann from BlowsMeAway Productions has written a great article on harmonica mics. I use his products, so does just about everyone else

Learning Diminished Harmonica Tuning with Phrase Maps - Brendan Power

Recording Harmonica for free with Audacity

Retuned Harmonicas - Major Cross and other Alternate Harmonica Tunings

Harmonica Stage Equipment - Easy Ways to get a great Harmonica Sound

Custom Harmonicas - what they are, why people like them

Harmonica Maintenance - Fixing Common Harmonica Problems

Electronic Effects and the Harp Player - Randy Landry

Alan G Bates Harmonica Collection at the National Music Museum at the Univerity of South Dakota

Harmonica Performance

Beginning Harmonica Players - joining the music community

Diversity - Surviving as a Professional in the Harmonica Business - Tom Ball

Harmonica Jazz - Roger Trobridge

Busking - Paid Harmonica Performance Practice

Listening - play harmonica better by hearing others more

Harmonica Practice - a bit will help a lot

Harmonica for Travellers

Harmonica World

In 2008 I started writing a tutorial column for Harmonica World, a bi monthly publication of the UK based National Harmonica League. This is a fine magazine, and I'm glad to be part of it. Harmonica World has kindly allowed me to re-produce some of the articles here.

Tony Eyers Harmonica Trio from Harmonica World Apr-May 2013

Chord Harmonicas from Harmonica World June-July 2012

Harmonica Bags from Harmonica World June-July 2011

Accordions and Harmonicas from Harmonica World Apr-May 2011

Setting Targets for the New Year from Harmonica World Feb-March 2011

Custom Harmonicas from Harmonica World Dec-Jan 2010/11

Tremolo Harmonica from Harmonica World Oct-Nov 2010

Playing Fast from Harmonica World Jun-Jul 2010

Touring from Harmonica World Apr-May 2010

First Position Blues the High Notes from Harmonica World Feb-Mar 2010

Third Position Blues from Harmonica World Dec-Jan 2010

Breathing Life into Music from Harmonica World Oct-Nov 2009

Thirds from Harmonica World August-Sept 2009

Harmonica Arpeggios from Harmonica World June-July 2009

First Position Blues from Harmonica World April-May 2009

Third Position Blues from Harmonica World Feb-Mar 2009

First Position Tunes from Harmonica World Dec-Jan 2009

Soloing and the Blues Scale from Harmonica World Oct-Nov 2008

Harmonica Practice from Harmonica World Aug-Sep 2008