How it Works

Harmonica Academy is a complete learning program, designed to get you playing quickly. Whoever you are.

Lessons are "hear it then play", with online audio. Try it.


Pull the slider back to hear the track again. And again. Like having me right next to you.

Course Structure

Harmonica Academy is actually two courses

  • 40 Blues lessons, from beginning to advanced. I start with simple 12 bar blues solos, to get you jamming. Then note bending and more advanced blues techniques. Then "first" and "third" position blues.
  • 40 Tunes lessons, starting with simple melodies for beginning players. Then more advanced traditional tunes, like this one


Go to the Course at a Glance page for details.

Then see how the lessons work.

Blues Tabs

Harmonica Academy has a lot of blues tab in the lessons.

You watch the tab while hearing the harmonica part, like this lesson sample below:

...."Now try the solo yourself. The first phrase is 4D 5D 6B 6B, and sounds like this


The tab means breathe in hole 4, then hole 5, then blow through hole 6 twice. The audio makes it easy to follow.

With these audio tracks you learn by ear, same as many great harmonica masters. It works.

Blues Backing Tracks

Before jamming with a real blues band, get ready with these tracks.

There are more than 100 backing tracks, covering the basic blues styles.

Hear them at the blues backing tracks page.

Tune Tabs

Harmonica Academy has 40 tunes, each with tabs, audio, notation, backing tracks and midi. You practice the tunes slowly with backing tracks, building strong rhythm. You soon have your own performance repertoire

See how they work at the tune tabs page.

Hip Hop Tabs

Not everyone plays blues. Harmonica sounds great with Hip Hop beats.

Hear them at the Hip Hop page

The Harmonica Library

Harmonica Academy has a growing library, which answers many questions. ...which harmonica to get, what harmonica keys mean, how to fix harmonicas and much more.

Have a look inside

The Harmonica Academy Community

has lots of people like you. We meet at the Harmonica Academy Forum.

Ask questions, I'll answer them. Even better, other members also help. The support helps a lot

Hear what people are saying...

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