Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to common questions about subscriptions, payments, and the lessons themselves.

Unsure about signing up without knowing who you are dealing with? The person at the other end is me, Tony Eyers. Please click here to ask any questions you have. I'll respond within half a day, often less.

Payment and Subscription

How much does it cost?

Harmonica Academy costs $19.95 for a 6 month subscription, $29.95 for a 12 month subscription and $39.95 for a two year subscription. Prices are in US dollars

Can I pay by credit card? 

You can pay by credit card. Just click the blue "Pay by Card" button at the bottom right hand corner of the Join Harmonica Academy page to make a secure credit card payment. You can can also use PayPal, to do this click the PayPal  button on the bottom left hand corner of the Join Harmonica Academy page.

Do you offer any money-back guarantees if, after a while, I'm not satisfied?

I offer a money back guarantee and I mean it. If you're not happy, then I want you to have your money back. The payment process allows easy refunds. Harmonica Academy has been running since 2008. In that time there has very few refund requests, however all have been honoured immediately.

What are the subscriptions for? Could you please explain how they work.

When you buy a subscription you get a user name (your email address) and a password. These allow access to all of the lessons on the site, and all of the other material as well.

Why do you need my email and password in order for me to enroll?

When you enroll, you get access to the entire site, by entering your email address and password at the "Member Login" area of the home page. The email address is your user name (it's easy to remember). You make up your own password when you enroll.

Are there any automatic monthly payments? Does my subscription renew automatically?

There are no automatic monthly payments. Your subscription does not renew automatically. When your subscription ends, you choose whether to renew or not.

Once I have paid for my subscription, is there any more to pay?

No there is not.

What does Freshman, Sophomore, Junior and Senior year mean?

Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior year are just a way of dividing the course into 4 parts. I could have called these parts Beginning, Intermediate I, Intermediate II and Advanced. Freshman year, Sophomore year etc are the names in the US for the 4 years of High School and/or University. I attended a US University (Yale), so I chose these names.

Does each year of Harmonica Academy take one year to finish?

The time to complete each Harmonica Academy "year" is up to you. Some will take more than a year, some less. Many people get through the Freshman year lessons fairly quickly, the more advanced material in Sophomore, Junior and Senior years takes longer.

Do I have access to all the 4 years of lessons or do I pick just one year; I am not a beginner, but there might be some aspects of the freshman year that would be valuable to me. So if I subscribe can I utilize all the lessons at my own pace?

Each subscription provides access to all 4 years of the course, not just one year.. You can start anywhere you like.

I was wondering can I just subscribe to 6 months to see if I like it then just continue from there or do I have to do the full course. I just wanted to try it and see how I get on.

You can certainly subscribe for 6 months. You proceed at your own pace, and do as much or as little of the course as you wish. If you choose to renew your subscription, then you can pick up from where you left off.

If I take a two year subscription and don't finish in that time, what happens?

The two year subscription gives you two years access to the site. How much you complete during that time is up to you. At the end of two years you choose whether to renew or not.

Is the 6-month fee subscription $19.95 monthly or the total amount for 6 months.

The $19.95 is for 6 months. There are no monthly payments. Moreover there are no automatic payments with Harmonica Academy. You only pay when and if you choose to.

Your course is laid out for four years, but can a person move through it at a somewhat faster rate; at my own speed?

You can move through the course at any rate you please. Also, you can start wherever you want. Look at the "Course at a Glance " page, choose the lessons which matches your level and go from there.

I live in the UK and your joining fee is in US dollars. Can I still join?

You can still join. The online payment system will convert the US dollar amount into pounds when you make the payment.

Does it take four years to finish the course?

The 4 year layout is just a guide. The actual time to complete the course will depend on how much time you devote to practice.

If I begin with sophomore year can I access all areas of senior year within the same year of membership?

When you join Harmonica Academy you get access to the entire course, that is, all of the years. You choose a starting point which is at your level and away you go.

The Lessons

Can I use a chromatic harmonica with your lessons?

The Harmonica Academy lessons are for the 10 hole diatonic harmonica and tremolo harmonica only.

I'm 54. I have no musical experience at all, but am willing to put in a lot of practice. How will I go with these course of lessons?

At 54 it is absolutely feasible to start. There are many members around your age, they love it.

Are your lessons for the tremolo harmonica or the 10 hole diatonic harmonica?

There are two separate sets of lessons, one set for the tremolo harmonica, the other set for the 10 hole diatonic harmonica. Most Harmonica Academy members play the 10 hole harmonica.

Are the lessons OK for a "C" blues harp ?

A C Blues Harp will work just fine. In fact, most of the course can be done with just a single harmonica in the key of C. More details about harmonica keys are here.

You don't mention 2nd position/cross harp in the "Course at a Glance." Can I assume that the first 3 years of blues are all in Cross harp position? I see 1st position and 3rd position the Senior Year.

The first three years of the course are on 2nd position or Cross Harp blues. Senior Year is first and third position blues. These are more complex, due to the greater skill needed in bending.

Why are the Tremolo Lessons separate from the main lessons?

The tremolo lessons are separate because they teach different skills.