For Experienced Players

Here is a question:

What new skills have you learnt over the past 12 months?

If you are scratching about for an answer, then you may be in a rut, playing the same material, perhaps extremely well. Or, you may feel there is not much else to know.

Either way, there are always new skills to learn, and great masters to inspire the effort to do so. In particular, a different music style may give you fresh ideas. For example, if you play mostly blues, try this lesson, then learn Big Sciota, the tune that goes with it. Or, for something a little faster, try this lesson, and the tune that goes with it, Soldiers Joy.

The lessons above are the first two tunes lessons for Junior Year. The remaining Junior year and Senior year tunes lessons may provide new challenges for you.

Many players seek blues instruction only. Check out the course at a glance page, and follow the blues strand. Or, try this Junior Year lesson on the blues scale, and the Senior Year lesson on 3rd position blues.

There are some excellent blues players who use second position only. Senior Year provides detailed coverage of 1st position and 3rd position blues. If you have not explored these, you will find they provide many new playing ideas.

The insights gained through recording can improve your playing dramatically. If you have not yet tried recording, look at this page which describes Audacity, an excellent free computer based recording package.

Putting this course together taught me an enormous amount. Parts of the course should be useful to you as well. Hopefully you will join this community, and share your experience with us.