2nd and 3rd Position Tunes

You now have learnt a good selection of 1st position bluegrass tunes. These provide entry to bluegrass sessions, or "picks", as they are often called. Your harmonica may be treated with caution by some, at first. However, if you can play the tunes, you will create surprise and be welcomed.

There are many great tunes however which do not work in first position. Second position blues is familiar to you, there are also some common fiddle tunes which work well in second position. You will need new techniques however, this year provides them.

Third position, where a C harmonica is used for playing in D (or D minor), is well known in blues. Less well known is 3rd position for Irish tunes. We learn some great ones here, and introduce this powerful style.

At the end of this year you will have a small but workable tunes repertoire. Aim to steadily increase it. These tunes will lead to wonderful musical opportunities around the world.