Whiskey in the Jar

This is a very old Irish tune about a highwayman who is betrayed by his lover. It should be played at a brisk speed, with a C harmonica.

Here are the notes:

5B 5D 6B 6B 6D 6B 5B 5B 6B

6D 6D 7D 6D 5B 5B 6B

6D 6D 7D 7B 7B 7D 6D 6B

7B 7D 6D 6B 6B 5B

4D 4D 4B 4D 5B 5D

5B 5B 4D 5B 5D 6B

6D 6D 6B 6D 7D 7B 6D

6B 5B 4D 5B 4D 4B 4B

Here is the tune, at full speed.


A good way to learn the tune is to play along with this slower midi file.

For those who can read music, here is the score for this tune.

Finally here is the backing, without the harmonica, at medium speed


and at full speed