Reviews for "Black Mountain Harmonica" by Tony Eyers

"The last time I heard skill of this level was at the SPAH Convention final concert in 1985 when Don Les played. .. I thought the harmonies played on the harmonica were so perfectly synchronised that the new tuning must be responsible, but no, Tony also plays baroque recorder in a professional chamber ensemble, and hence has much experience with harmony playing and voice matching. This explains the amazing skill shown in his double tracking." Colin Mort, "Harmonica World"

"His most unusual and compelling strategy is the use of overdubbed harmonies that capture all the excitement of bluegrass twin fiddling. The tone that Eyers captures on this disc is as delightfully different in the harmonica world as his harmonies." Doug Bright, "Music Heritage Review"

"I have heard the leading exponents of this style on the harmonica -- all of them -- and I assure the reader that Mr. Eyers is definitely on to something here. I've never heard this material played so smoothly on a standard diatonic." Richard Hunter, Leading Harmonica Commentator, USA

"Out of Australia comes an album of authentic fiddle tunes beautifully rendered on harmonica by Tony Eyers. If I had to pick one feature that distingishes this album, it would be Tony's beautiful two-harp arrangements that characterise each song." Rick Beall,

"Black Mountain Harmonica is a relentless acoustic onslaught of wonderful sparkling traditional fiddle music played with consummate skill and competence" John McDougall, "Woodstock", Australia