Harmonica University Press Release June 2008


Harmonica University Opens Its Doors to English-Speaking Students

A big hit in China, this online harmonica instruction program now gives emerging musicians worldwide a new way to learn

SYDNEY, Australia, June 4th, 2008  When Tony Eyers, Ph.D. was teaching at China’s Zhengzhou University two years ago, he noticed a serious problem: There was a major lack of music teaching resources but a substantial market for learning. Motivated to fill the void, the world-renowned harmonica player and instructor teamed up with a colleague to translate harmonica lessons, music and information to the Mandarin language.

With that material, Eyers created an online music instruction program called Harmonica University. Today, the course serves 17,000 Chinese members and has been such a hit that Eyers just launched "Harmonica University" in English. Now open for enrollment, Harmonica University (http://www.harmonicauniversity.com) offers beginner, intermediate and advanced harmonica instruction with its freshman- through senior-level courses.

"It’s blown me away just how successful the Chinese version of Harmonica University has been, and I’m thrilled to debut this concept in English," Eyers says. "Considering that much of the world has Internet access and speaks English, Harmonica University fills the gap for a comprehensive online harmonica course in this language. It’s now available to virtually everyone, no matter a person’s interest or skill level."

Structured like a four-year college, Harmonica University offers online enrollment, an 81-lesson program, and an online graduation exam that’s challenging even for expert musicians. It’s also unique in that it allows students to learn at their pace and study the music of their choosing. While many harmonica courses are limited to learning through blues music only, Harmonica University offers instruction and practicing opportunities in many genres - everything from bluegrass to hip hop. Also, each course offers strength-building exercises, much like weight training at a gym. What’s more, Harmonica University has online high-tech audio players with a "hear it, then play it" approach and features 1,000+ audio tracks.

"With its cutting-edge technology, user-friendly experience and diverse coursework, Harmonica University is attractive to people of all ages, types and learning styles," Eyers says. "You can even ‘play’ with bands before doing so in real life, thanks to special backing tracks that simulate playing alongside others."

Enrolled members receive a free download of the Tony Eyers CD, "Black Mountain Harmonica." For more information, visit http://www.harmonicauniversity.com.

About Harmonica University

Harmonica University offers multimedia online harmonica instruction, music and information in English. It’s designed for beginner through advanced learners using a familiar university format of freshman- through senior-level courses.

The brainchild of Tony Eyers, an Australian native, a harmonica instructor and world-renowned musician, Harmonica University was founded in China, where Eyers successfully launched a Mandarin-language version of his online program. With an electronics undergraduate degree from Yale University, an education diploma, a telecommunications-engineering doctorate, and an extensive background in harmonica playing and instruction, Eyers has applied his expert skills to create Harmonica University. This cutting-edge website provides harmonica instruction virtually anywhere in the world.


Tony Eyers
Founder, Harmonica University
Sydney, Australia