First Sounds - Lesson 1

Your musical journey with the harmonica starts here. We begin with this tune.

During the Harmonica Academy course you will learn it. As well as a lot of blues. However that all comes later

This first lesson shows you how to hold the harmonica, and how to make your first sounds. Take the instrument in your left hand, and hold it between your first finger and thumb, like this

Most harmonicas have numbers from 1 to 10 on one of the metal cover plates. Make sure that these numbers are facing upwards, so that you can see them, like this

Now place your hand with the harmonica into your other hand. The end of your thumb on your other hand should rest against the end of the harmonica, like this

Now look down at your harmonica. You should see 10 holes. Place your mouth over the bottom 3 holes, and blow gently. It should sound like this

Now breathe in. It should sound like this

Notice that the notes you hear when breathing in are higher than the notes you hear when blowing out. You may have to practice this exercise many times before it sounds right. Also try breathing gently, to make a quiet sound, then breathing harder, to make a louder sound.

Now we try the same exercise with music. Listen to this track

and then this track

Now listen again to the first track, which has the harmonica. You will hear the harmonica blow 4 times, then breathe in 4 times, then blow again to finish. Practice many times with this track, until you can play it well. Then play along with the second track, like a Karaoke track with you on harmonica.

Awaiting you are the great joys of a developing musician. I remember my early days well, and the thrill of every new step. Take plenty of time with each lesson, and persist with the exercises until you can play them beautifully. You will develop much faster this way.

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