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Would you like to learn harmonica?. Perhaps you've been playing for a while. Or just getting started. You want to play harmonica better. With online harmonica lessons you can. Beats worrying about finances...

So forget the recession. Start learning harmonica right now

Looks good. How do I join?

Easy. Click here to join now

A 12 month subscription is only $29.95. All you need is a 10 hole harmonica in C.

With these lessons you can

  • Start learning harmonica immediately... and
  • Hear harmonica tracks again (and again) with online audio players.
  • Hear more than 1000 harmonica teaching tracks.
  • Get the whole harmonica course. Nothing more to buy.

Who is the teacher?

My name is Tony Eyers, I'm your teacher. Thanks for dropping by.

I have been playing harmonica for more 30 years, with 20 years experience writing educational programs. I have used these skills to create this site.

I will help you to reach your musical goals.

So how does it work?

Harmonica Academy uses "hear it then play" teaching. with audio players inside the lessons. Try this one

Almost like having a harmonica teacher beside you! Replay the track by dragging the small white slider back to the part you wish to hear, then releasing it (there may be a small delay before the track starts the first time, while it downloads).

Try the the harmonica gym. Each lesson has exercises, designed to build harmonica technique. Try this one

This course will soon have you jamming with others. We have backing bands here to get you ready. There are hundreds of backing tracks in the course. The first lesson has this one

followed by many blues tracks, like the one above

So where do I fit in?

Harmonica Academy is set up like a four-stage College program, with freshman, sophomore, junior and senior "years". The graded structure allows all players to find a starting point.

What do I get?

81 Graded Lessons. These go from beginning to advanced
Many blues solos, played slow with tab.
20 beginning and intermediate tunes
20 Bluegrass and Irish fiddle tunes, played slow for learning, then at full speed
Blues and Hip Hop jam tracks

And, a complete harmonica education.

Where do I go to from here?

Want to start? Then join now.

A 12 month subscription is only $29.95. All you need is a 10 hole harmonica in C.

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Start playing harmonica now. It may change your life.

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